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We're OVER "over-the-hill" gifts.

It is time to celebrate getting older with a product that is actually funny!  Commemorating instead of commiserating.  Laughing instead of crying!  Getting older is fantastic, and having a sense of humor about it is fabulous.  Women these days have everything they need, and most things they want. 


How do you pay tribute to a girlfriend who has everything on her birthday? Present her with a lifetime membership to The Gray Beaver Club by purchasing our darling mascot.  Every time she looks at her gray beaver, she will giggle and think of her amazing friends, and smile.  The perfect gift!

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The Graytest Gift. Ever.

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Customer Reviews

I recently purchased The Gray Beaver for a golfing girlfriends 60th birthday. It was the hit of the surprise party. The enxt day, my friend had removed the beaver's stuffing and transformed it into a club head cover! The "Beav" now goes with her everyday she plays golf. My friend loves to explain what The Gray Beaver is when men and women alike admire it. Everyone gets a good laugh! Thanks for a great gift idea! Phoebe

I received The Gray Beaver as a birthday gift from my sisters. The box itself was intriguing and I couldn't wait to see what was on the inside. Vicki has such good taste so I wsas excited to see what the beautiful box held. I called her up and she told me to open it. Never in my wildest imagination could I have guessed the contents! Imagine my surprise and complete shock when I picked up the cutest little beaver and I laughed hysterically as I read the card! Such a perfect gift to make one laugh as they age. It sits on my computer desk as a reminder not to take life too seriously. Thanks for coming up with something so funny and unique. Jennifer

Dear Queen Beav, I was looking for a 40th birthday "gag gift" for my girlfirend. The terms "cougar" and "MILF" are a pass as far as I'm concerned, so I set out to find something fresh, funny and fabulous. While on a mad internet search I happened upon The Gray Beaver Club. My staff and I could not stop laughing. I ordered a stuffed Gray Beaver, which came beautifully wrapped in a silver/gray box and an official Gray Beaver Membership Certificate. I customized the certificate with a gray and pink ribbon and a black matted frame to give it a more distinguised appearance. The birthday girl opened it at her party. It was hilarious. Male and female guests alike could not stop laughing and "passing the beaver" around. I am turning 42 this month and proud to be a Gray Beaver Club client. Graciously yours, Teresa

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