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About Us

Some time ago, I flew to Atlanta with several female colleagues to work on a training module. At this particular period in my life, I didn’t necessarily like my job, but I loved the women that I was working with. We were all exhausted, and as we sat around the table putting together our project, we began talking and laughing about our lives, and getting sidetracked on the task at hand.


One of these women, Rose, (who just might be one of the neatest women in the world!) began lamenting about her 50th birthday, which was only a couple of weeks away. Some of us could commiserate with Rose, as we are ageing at a rapid pace, while others, (25 year old Frances in particular) began to tease her.



“Welcome to The Gray Beaver Club, Rose!” perky Frances yelled at the top of her very young lungs.



A silence fell across the room as the unorthodox statement hung in the air. We all looked at each other and began roaring in absolute fits of laughter.


You know those times with your girlfriends when you can barely see because your eyes are filled with tears of laughter and your stomach just aches? This was one of those moments. After about 10 minutes of utter hysteria, we began drying our eyes and clearing our throats. Eventually, we began working again, but the whole incident kept me giggling for days.



A couple weeks later, we realized Rose’s birthday was upon us. We frantically tried to find a “Gray Beaver” stuffed animal that we could send to her.


Well, herein lies the problem: beavers are brown, not gray. This Gray Beaver Club didn’t actually exist. Not even Google could help us. We ended up sending her a brown beaver, which really wasn’t that funny.



This was the day that The Gray Beaver Club was born. As I began thinking about what gifts are out there to celebrate the ageing process, I found that I am not that interested in any gift that says Over the Hill. The Gray Beaver Club spoke to me and my sense of humor. It made me laugh, and introduced loads of very interesting conversation.



So, I contacted a toy manufacturing company and began designing my Gray Beaver prototype. It has been so fun to create her, and I am thrilled that there is now a gift out there that we can buy for our friends who have everything, but might need a good laugh as they see those big “age milestones” creep up on them. I believe that The Gray Beaver Club is hilarious, and I truly hope it brings as much laughter and fun to you and your girlfriends as it has to mine.



May we all find humor and excitement in the years that lie ahead of us, and may we always cherish our girlfriends, who make the journey not only more enjoyable, but actually worth it.




Lauren Stockwell

The “Queen Beav”

Creator and Founder

The Gray Beaver Club

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